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"Kermit and I received your package today! 
Thank you very much for getting it out to us so quickly. Kermit has been doing absolutely amazing on it. He was just off it for a week (as you know we had run out) and there was a marked difference in him. He became more lethargic and less interested in things. He also was having more trouble physically getting up. We are so excited he is back on it today. I expect we will see him return to his usual enthusiastic, alert and active dog that he has once again become because of the AstroSmart. As you know, Kermit is 10 years old which is quite old for a Newfoundland and his health is most important to us. Thank you again!! I have also posted my comments and endorsement on FB with a link to the BuyAstroSmart.com link. I hope that is okay! ;)"

- Bonnie