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100% SAFE!

Science Based and Vet Recommended

ASTROSMART™ Canine Cognitive Smart Chews given as directed have been shown to:

ASTROSMART™ Is Formulated To Improve Symptoms Of Dog Dementia

Symptoms of Dog Dementia

  • Disorientation
  • Sleep-wake cycle changes
  • House soiling
  • Activity level changes
  • Abnormal interaction with family members

ASTROSMART™ Is Designed To Improve Symptoms of Dog Dementia

  • Supports normal nerve conduction and memory recall
  • Helps dogs maintain normal and relaxed disposition
  • Helps curb destructive behavior
  • May help reduce hyperactivity and promote relaxation
  • Helps support normal behavior patterns

Give Your Dog Back The Energy,
Enthusiasm and Playfulness of Their Youth!

  • #1 soft chew supplement, clinically shown to improve your dogs cognitive performance.
  • Our proprietary brain boosting formula is backed by scientific research. View Research
  • The ingredients in ASTROSMART™ have been tested and is recognized as 100% safe for consumption.
  • Our manufacturer is a National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and ASTROSMART™ has the Seal of Assurance from the Animal Nutritional Suppliers of America. Learn More about ASTROSMART™ and NASC.

One of Your Most Important Relationships is Between You and Your Dog. Show Them You Love them, Give Them ASTROSMART™

ASTROSMART™ is loved by Pets and Their Owners.
Real People! Real Dogs! Real Results!

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