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100% SAFE!

Science Based and Vet Recommended

ASTROSMART™ Canine Cognitive Smart Chews given as directed have been shown to:

Give Your Dog Back The Energy,
Enthusiasm and Playfulness of Their Youth!

  • #1 soft chew supplement, clinically shown to improve your dogs cognitive performance.
  • Our proprietary brain boosting formula is backed by scientific research. View Research
  • The ingredients in ASTROSMART™ have been tested and is recognized as 100% safe for consumption.
  • Our manufacturer is a National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) and ASTROSMART™ has the Seal of Assurance from the Animal Nutritional Suppliers of America. Learn More about ASTROSMART™ and NASC.

ASTROSMART™ is loved by Pets and Their Owners.
Real People! Real Dogs! Real Results!

One of Your Most Important Relationships is Between You and Your Dog. Show Them You Love them, Give Them ASTROSMART™